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Part of my Supernatural gender bend series

Amber Heard in And Soon The Darkness.

3 Days To Kill featurette: Amber Heard.

3 Days to Kill featurette Amber Heard [x]

Piper is just this like unbelievably independent, feisty, strong willed young woman, who is a character unto herself. She doesn’t need to hitch a ride on the male character for support, or for development of her character. She doesn’t need to kiss somebody. She doesn’t need to make out with anyone.”

Chenault is very much a commodity of this upper class. She encompasses the American dream. She embodies this ideal that men either want to possess and own, or that women strive to be. It’s an interesting thing to appreciate her in that detached way, but I had to because I know there’s more to her.”

Amber Heard at the Rum Diary premiere in London (2011)